Posted by: msqr | July 7, 2008

ASP.NET developer’s firefox add-ons

Anyone who is working on cross-browser compatibility must realize benefits of cool firefox add-ons, and I guess thats what makes firefox so much powerful against IE. Pretty open Add-on framework and vast developer community keeps adding new tools to ease firefox user’s life.

Firebug – Most popular firefox add-on in the web developer community, not only allows debugging javascript but also allows inspecting ht

Live http-headers in action

Live http-headers in action

ml, helps seeing bandwidth and throughput of your page in terms of styles, javascript, raw html and images.

User Agent Switcher – This add-on allows you to switch your browser to simulate HTTP GET request as if its coming from IE/Opera/Netscape. I found it extremely useful when some sites are compatible to IE only and you want to inspect html or look at javascript, you can use the duo of User Agent Switcher and Firebug within Firefox itself even if page is designed for IE only.

Live Http Headers –  It answer’s simple question – What it takes browser to load this page. Its useful when you are troubleshooting authentication issues like NTLM(NT LAN Manager) / Kerberos. Usually browser makes request for each physical file, i.e if your page has 2 css files, 2 references of images and 2 javascript files then it makes 6 requests to load this page. Also you can use this to determine whether GZIP compression is enabled or not.

Other Add-ons not specific to developer but useful in day-to-day activity are

Dictionary Tooltip
– I remember couple of guys in my college time who used to mug up GRE-Barron’s and some of the crazier guys mugging up Oxford dictionary to get good score in English. If I ask them meaning of any obscure word, I used to get dictionary answer. But, After I left the college, I tried several options like WordWeb

Gujurati Lexicon

The free dictionary

But all of them had an inherent disadvantage, you have to explicitly launch them, copy the spelling, hit enter, wouldn’t it be nice if theres some add-on plugs into browser and displays meaning when you double click the word – and my hunt ended with Dictionary Tool-tip add-on.



  1. I agree with you. Firefox add ons are cross browser compatible which makes firefox more powerful browser than IE. Also Its very easy to deploy those add ons using XPI. Just develop the add-ons with XPCOM/javascript and deploy them with XPI and you are good to go. You dont have to worry about the platform. 🙂

  2. This interesting..

  3. That being said, I typically send one or two emails to a prof per semester. ,

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