Posted by: msqr | August 15, 2008

Official Windows 7 blog available

It’s Windows 7(Code named Viena), next major version of Windows after Vista. Also called as Windows Engineering 7 or E7. Lot of us might be thinking that still we have not had our hands settled on Vista and MS is thiking to push new OS! Yeah, if we look back then MS has been working really hard on Windows 7 after releasing Vista – around 18 months from now.

Now, they are begining to open their mouth and this time very cautious(Bad exp in the Vista days due to hype). In Vista, major focus was on security and graphics. This time focus is on touch-gesture based interfaces(reminds me of Cool Apple iPod to shuffle the songs), also MS is hoping to stich some of the gaps in depedencies and possibly replacing managed GUI provided in Vista with unmanaged counterparts to boost performance. Also emphasis will be on taking advantage of latest DirectX and may be rolling .NET FX 4.0 as part of OS.

MS will give developers more details on Windows7 in the upcoming PDC 2008 held at Los Angelos in the late October, hold your breath till then!

Link to official MS blog on Windows7 –Official Windows 7 blog

Unofficial but very technical blog that answers – “Whats new, now?” 5 Pillars of Windows 7


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